The Running Game



There’s something to be said about great adventure, an impossible moment in time when everything falls into place. This is undoubtedly her impossible moment.

Some people just don’t have any luck. On the run from her murderous fiancé and a very angry father, Irene is pretty sure her luck can’t get any worse. After all what’s worse than being the lone woman stuck on a cargo ship headed to the Americas? How about getting captured by pirates as her money and only shot at freedom sink to the bottom of the ocean? Not that she ever could have anticipated that.

Oliver is a man burdened with a great amount of luck and a fine sense for all things adventurous. Holding up one little cargo ship isn’t supposed to give him much more than a few bits of gold and some excitement. Who could have anticipated the spitfire on board who would turn his world inside out?

Things are about to get messy as Irene tramples all over Oliver’s image of a proper lady and sets about showing him just how much trouble one little woman can truly cause. Oliver has never enjoyed an adventure so much.


“I’ve had many things said to me in the course of my career, but never has anyone said that.”

The gears in her brain began to grind as she knelt before him, her bottom resting on her heels, looking up, up. In the course of his career… If he wasn’t here for her, then why was he here…? Oh. Oh. Realization dawned and she wanted to scream. Suddenly it all started to make more sense. Her hands rose to her hair, which was a mess around her face, not tucked back and away like a proper lady’s. She wanted to tug on the strands hard as she ran her hands through it.

“You’re a bloody pirate.” Since when did they start making pirates that looked like this fine specimen? 

His eyebrows winged up at that, an elegant, sarcastic arch. “Now that I hear quite a bit, though such colorful language from a lady is rare.” He looked her up and down. “And you are quite the lady.”

She tried to inch backwards. She brought her hands up in a placating gesture. “I’m not. Really. There’s nothing interesting here. See, I need to be getting somewhere, and I’m thinking my somewhere and yours aren’t going to be the same. And I’m trouble. Lots of trouble. Not worth the hassle, I swear.”

Her eyes scanned for an avenue of escape as he advanced on her, but she didn’t see anything. She moved back even farther. He moved a step closer.

“Really,” Irene said. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for this.”

The rude man actually began to laugh.

She felt a little less bad about what she planned to do next.

She’d spotted the plank of wood resting just a little ways from her and when he started laughing, she took her chance, snapping it right up and heaving it at him with all her might.

It collided with a dull-sounding thud and the man stumbled back a couple of steps. Irene didn’t waste any time and hauled herself up using a crate as leverage before she tried to take off.

An Interview with Oliver

Me: Apart from you, who is the scariest pirate on the high seas?

Oliver: My wife. She’s become truly terrifying. I think my crew is more scared of her than me.

Me: In your own words, tell us what your first impression was when you met Irene. Did you hit it off right away?

Oliver: We hit it off quite literally, I’d say. *chuckles* No, really, it was rough going. She was wonderful. Very brash and brave, didn’t hold anything back. She fought with me a lot. I knew she was trouble the second I laid eyes on her.

Me: What is Irene’s worst habit?

Oliver: My darling Irene is perfect. But she is a bit of a bed hog.

Me: … and what’s her best quality?

Oliver: She’s the smartest person I’ve ever met and she’s not afraid to give it her all.

Me: If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, what three items would you want to take with you?

Oliver: I’d want to take the rum of course. A good book…I’d imagine a desert island could get a bit dull after awhile. Am I alone on the island? If Irene’s with me that paddle I just got will definitely be the third.

Me: You’ve sailed the high seas for a good while now. What is the best place you’ve ever been to and why do you like it?

Oliver: There’s a lovely island nearish Tortuga and it’s gorgeous. Sand and beach and palm trees and not one inhabitant. The water is crystal clear and there’s a hot springs tucked away. I took Irene there on our honeymoon. Best two weeks of my life, let me tell you.

Me: Women or ships?

Oliver: This is an unfair question. My wife would string me up if I answered either way. I suppose, outside of my darling princess of course, that I would say ships.

Me: If a huge inheritance came your way, what would you do?

Oliver: I’d move off of Tortuga. Oh, in a heartbeat. Get myself a fancy house on an island. Could get Irene some horses—she loves to ride. Maybe add another ship to my crew. Imagine all that I could accomplish with two ships. The loot would be falling into my hands like rain from the sky.

Me: Describe yourself in five words

Oliver: Dashing, handsome, intelligent, brave, and humble.

Me: Did you have any serious relationships before Irene? If so, what happened? How did you break up?

Oliver: Irene was a shocker for me, that’s for sure. I’d always been a bit of a free spirit if you know what I mean. A shag here, a shag there. The sea was my only mistress and she was one of a kind. I didn’t have a need for any other real relationship.

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