The Trouble With Names

As a writer one of the hardest things to do is come up with names for characters or for places if you’re creating a new world. I’ll spend more time staring at a blank screen trying to name my characters and places than I will deciding anything else. It’s frustrating. Do you want a regular name you haven’t used already? Do you want a first and last name that actually sound good together? Do you want a name with meaning? Do you want a name that belongs to a certain culture? The options are limitless and frustrating.

Here’s a list of sites that might make your life easier:

20000 Names – This site will give you names from different cultures, names based on animals/species (think dragons, elves, fairies, etc) and it will give you the meaning behind each name.

Behind the Name – It’s a name generator, but it allows you to pick what culture you would like the name to come from and it comes with options for mythology, ancient times, and fantasy.

Seventh Sanctum – This will give you options for fantasy names, not only for characters, but for places and some objects (pirate ships for example).

Meaning of Names – Are you looking for names with a specific meaning or you want to know the meaning of a name you’ve picked? This site takes care of that and it handles surnames as well.

Fantasy Name Generator – This site has sections dedicated to surnames, places, real names, and fantasy names.  They also have a section dedicated to descriptions (wondering how to describe that place or that animal? This will help.). This site offers a lot of different options and it’s worth taking a look.

Have any other suggestions? Feel free to add them to the comment section!


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