Catching Light: Snippet

“Oh my god,” breathed Oliver, staring up at the front of the resort. His gaze darted all over his surroundings. He ignored the people moving around him, all hurrying to get inside of the resort and to their rooms.

It was breathtaking.

The trees were clustered thick and towering over the resort, the colors lush unlike anything he’d seen before. Bright blooms of color popped out amongst all the green. And the resort. God the resort. It looked like part of the landscape with its hutched roof and its spiraling support beams and its wide open layout.

“I always thought they photoshopped those brochure pictures.”

Adam tucked himself against his back, wrapping his arms about Oliver’s waist. “Isn’t it perfect?”

Oliver leaned back against him, resting his head back on his shoulder. “Let’s see the inside before I go all crazy.”

The inside was, of course, perfect as well. The resort staff was lovely and sweet and when Oliver saw their room and the view outside of their balcony he nearly collapsed.

He left Adam to talk to the staff and made a beeline for the balcony doors, swinging them wide open and stepping out. The ocean spread out for as far as he could see, their balcony literally dangling right over it. He hunched himself over the railing to stare at the support beams that disappeared into the water and the slope of the cliff they were resting on top of.

“Holy shit.”

When he stared to the right he could see where the water merged with the beach, giving way to mounds and mounds of perfectly golden sand that was dotted with the bodies of all those tourists lying out on their beach towels. People were playing in the water and little fire pits were being made as the light slowly slunk down the horizon.

On his left were trees. Lots and lots of trees, their branches dangling over the cliff side. He knew from the brochure he’d looked at in the lobby that the resort curved through those trees and that somewhere in this wonderland was a fancy pool, free of sea creatures.

He rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

If he was going to be forced into a vacation he was going to get a tan and some quality swimming time out of it.

Adam joined him on the balcony, his arms wrapping around his waist and his chin digging into Oliver’s shoulder. His hands pulled at Oliver’s shirt, hiking it up and slipping underneath. He shivered as Adam’s cool hands slid over his skin, resting against his stomach.

“What do you want to do first?” he asked, his breath washing over Oliver’s neck. Oliver tilted his head, exposing his neck, and Adam obligingly peppered it with kisses.

“Bed, then food?”

Adam spun him around and hefted him up. Oliver draped his arms around Adam’s neck and smiled down at him.

“Maybe,” he suggested, “we could do it out here?”

Adam moved them over to the lounge chair and dropped him right onto it. He landed with an oomph and not a second later Adam was stretching out over him, tugging at his clothes.

“Sometimes you have the best ideas.”


Catching Light can be found on Amazon.


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