A Glimpse into Catching Light

When Oliver had thought of the day they would have he had pictured lying out on the beach, swimming in the pool, getting a massage, and some more rolling on the bed. He hadn’t pictured hiking through the jungle.

He hadn’t pictured hiking anywhere to be honest.

Adam did assure him a massage awaited him at the end, though. He just had to keep that in mind as his legs burned from exertion and his breath came in great heaving pants.

At least Adam had opted to carry the pack.

Small blessings and all that jazz.

Oliver leaned against a tree, rubbing his shoulders on it much like he’d seen bears do on Animal Planet. He could feel the sweat rolling down his forehead, but he didn’t bother to wipe it off. Adam stood next to him, staring at him in an annoyingly fond way. Around them the rest of the group they were hiking with was sprawled out, taking a breather.

He rolled his head, enjoying the stretch in his neck, to look at Adam. “I’m making you carry me back down the mountain.”

Adam’s smile stretched into a massive grin, dimples cropping up and making him look far more endearing than he had any right to. He moved in like he was going to kiss Oliver, but then he pulled back. Oliver frowned at him. Adam untied his shirt from where he’d knotted it around the strap of his pack and wiped it over Oliver’s face.

Then he leaned in and gave him a quick peck.

Oliver glared as he shoved the shirt into his pack.

“Cause you’re mister fresh,” he muttered.

Adam chuckled and let the pack slide down, resting it on the ground. He grabbed Oliver’s hand and tugged him back into the tree line so they had a little more privacy. Backing Oliver up against a tree he leaned in, one hand on Oliver’s side squeezing softly and the other holding the side of Oliver’s face.

He didn’t move, just waited and Oliver took the hint. He closed the distance and let his lips slide over Adam’s for just a second. Adam followed him, pressing up against him from toes to lips. When he kissed him it wasn’t just a mere second of pressure, it was slow and steady and Oliver’s lips were slowly being parted.

Adam ran his tongue over Oliver’s bottom lip, his teeth nipping down on the tender flesh right after. The hand on Oliver’s side moved down to clasp his butt and push. Taking the hint Oliver hopped up and managed to wrap his legs around Adam’s waist. Adam knew how much he loved this position as it was the only way Oliver really got to look down at Adam.

Adam’s other hand was making its way from cradling his face to twisting in his hair, angling his head this way and that for a deeper press of lips and tongue. Their noses bumped and Oliver giggled into the kiss. Adam caught his tongue between his teeth in retaliation.

“Hey guys, we’re moving—” the voice cut off and Adam and Oliver broke apart. The tour guide was standing a couple feet away, awkwardly looking anywhere but at them. “Um,” he said. “We’re moving out. I’ll give you guys a minute, but we really need to get a move on.”

“We’ll be right there,” assured Adam, sounding and looking completely calm. Oliver was ninety-nine percent sure his own face was redder than a tomato.

The tour guide left and Adam brushed a thumb over Oliver’s cheekbone. “After all this time you still blush,” he marveled.


Catching Light can be found on Amazon.


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