A Question For You

Short stories are known for being short, and most anthologies have a word limit per story. These are known facts. They’re not secrets. When you pick up a short story you would, I assume, expect it to be short. Almost every site you could buy a book from lists the word count on the book page. There’s no way to go into the book without knowing what you’re reading isn’t going to take you more than an hour or two.

I know this all seems like I’m stating facts. I thought these were facts, but I’ve since grown to question them. Read through reviews on amazon or goodreads, or any other review platform, and you’ll note that at least a handful of reviewers will have docked stars because the book was short.

“I would have enjoyed it more if it was longer, but I loved it other than that.”

“Fantastic read, but very short.”

These are just the ones who comment. How many who just rate it are rating lower because the book is short? Why are they doing this? Presumably they knew it was a short book when they started reading it and should have been expecting a short, quick read. If the book was so good they wanted more, well then the author is doing their job, so why the lower rating?

What are your thoughts on this? Why are people reading short stories when they apparently don’t want to be reading short stories?


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