A Signature Move

What’s Your Book’s Brand?

A brand is a powerful thing. It’s like a signature. It can be an image, a style, a phrase—anything. It’s something that allows people to recognize your work. Publisher’s obviously have a brand image, but do authors?

For authors writing a series, a brand image or feel is easier to establish. The covers can be similar, or even the titles. They can all share a unifying trait that allows readers to easily establish they go together. Can this be achieved for stand alone books, though? Is there a certain font you insist your name is always written in? Is the type always placed in the same place?

For most big name authors, a brand image is easy to establish. Designers tend to make sure the type is consistent or use the same colors. There’s a lot of ways it can be established. But for those working with smaller publishers, who are maybe just getting started, it can be a different story.

Look at it this way: If your name wasn’t on the cover, how would readers know it was a book you wrote? Is it possible to have a style of writing that in and of itself is a brand? Or is that too limiting? These questions can even be tied into the genre and subgenres you write in. If you are primarily a contemporary romance writer, you have established a brand in that field. Will those readers buy a historical romance you wrote then?

Everything and anything you do can be a brand. Your name is a brand. How well that brand translates to new fields is a different matter. It’s probably easier to stick to the same thing, but that’s not always what you want to do. Sometimes as a writer you want to branch out. Do you adopt a different name for this, or do you try and expand your brand?


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