A Glimpse

Want a tiny sneak peak at the chef novel I’m working on?



He leaves the kitchen to low whistles and even some clapping. He can feel the blush warming his face as he lets the door swing shut behind him. It takes him a minute to spot his guest and when he does his breath catches. He’s seated at the table next to the fish tank, his head turned as he watches the fishes do whatever it is fishes do. All Bastien can see is his profile, but it’s a stunning one.

In the lighting of his restaurant his dirty blond hair appears almost golden, and the bone structure of his face is strikingly apparent, the lighting accentuating the hollows of his cheeks and throwing his cheekbones into sharp relief. Bastien wants to nibble his way along his razor sharp jawline.

He pushes the stirring of warmth in his stomach away, focusing on the task of getting the soup to the table without spilling it. He doesn’t want to make an ass of himself.

His guest turns to look at him, a smile stretching across his face, when Bastien comes to a stop beside his table.

“Straight from the chef,” his guest says, laughing. “I’m flattered.” His eyes are crinkling at the corner and he looks smug. Bastien feels his stomach swoop.


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