Review: Signs of Desire

Signs of Desire – Tempeste O’Riley


This was a delightful, very sweet and emotional story. Simon and Adrian are adorable together, and while their relationship does move along at a somewhat fast pace, it fits them. Adrian and Simon both have trust issues of a very similar kind, despite them being for different reasons. Adrian is hesitant to date a Hearing man, as that has backfired in the past. He’s worried that his being deaf will cause a problem, that Simon won’t be able to understand. Simon lacks confidence thanks to his prior relationships and the treatment they’ve heaped on him, and he has a fair amount of issues regarding his family that provide bumps along the way.

I think one of the key things for this story, and what really sold it for me, were the relationships between all of the characters. This is the latest in a series (which I’ve not yet read), but the supporting characters provide an extra layer to the story and a humor that could struggle to be present in certain parts otherwise. This novel is very much about these two men working through their issues in order to be with each other, and I liked how realistically that was portrayed. Nothing was magically or immediately fixed and mistakes were made. Overall, this was a lovely read that had me really rooting for Adrian and Simon to pull through.

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