Wednesday Review: Power Play – Avon Gale


Written by: Avon Gale

Third in the Scoring Chances Series

Length: Novel

Published by: Dreamspinner Press

Released: May 9th, 2016


A freak accident during the Stanley Cup Playoffs put an end to Max Ashford’s hockey career. Despite everything, Max gets back into the game he loves—only this time behind the bench, as an assistant coach of the Spartanburg Spitfires, the worst team in the entire league. But nothing prepares him for the shock when he learns the new head coach is Misha Samarin, the man who caused Max’s accident.

After spending years guilt-ridden for his part in Max’s accident, Russian native Misha Samarin has no idea what to do when he’s confronted with Max’s presence. Max’s optimism plays havoc with Misha’s equilibrium—as does the fierce attraction that springs up between them.

Not only must they navigate Misha’s remorse and a past he’s spent a lifetime trying to forget, but also a sleazy GM who is determined to use their history as a marketing hook. But when an unwelcome visitor targets a player, Misha revisits his darkest days, and that might cost him and Max the beginning they’ve worked so hard to build.


I honestly don’t know where to start. I’m a big fan of the first two books in this series (especially the second one, Riley Hunter makes me feel things okay), but this one blew me away. And I honestly didn’t think I could like one more than I liked Hunter’s story. Don’t get me wrong – Hunter’s still my favorite character (closely followed by one in this novel). So the point of this: To me this was like  Harry Potter, except when it was all said and done, I liked it. Weird analogy right? I’ll explain. Gale lured me in with minimal angst, socially and emotionally inept men, and lots of humor and fluff. And then she released Max and Misha’s story, and she went to town on the angst. Holy hell did she ever. It was a complete turn around, something I hadn’t expected out of the series. But it worked. Gale pulls it off fabulously. And she promises nothing but more angst.

I’m excited. Simple as that. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next novel. Tomorrow would be nice, but still not soon enough.

Max and Misha are something else, and they remind me of the ying and yang symbol. Max is all happy and bouncy (and so unbelievably forgiving and rational) while Misha is all doom and gloom and glorious Russianness. I can’t decide which of the two men I like more. I CAN say that one of my favorite things about this series is how the relationship drama is actually minimal. The characters band together to fight outside issues, while steadily working through their own without big fireworks. It’s refreshing. And I’m not going to lie, Misha’s being Russian was a huge plus for me. I LOVED it. Don’t know why. But I did.

But now… the thing that sealed the deal. There’s a certain goalie in this novel, and I’m head over heels for him. This felt like part of a prequel to his story. He’s perfect in a totally not perfect way. He gave me all the feels. So many of them.

This book will do that. So be prepared.

5 Stars

Find it at:



Barnes and Noble

Dreamspinner Press


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