Wednesday Review: Loaded for Bear – Cheyenne Meadows


Shifter Hardball: Book Two

Polar bear shifter Graham Tundra can’t believe his bad luck. Not only is he traded to another baseball team midseason, but he’s also teamed up with Trigger Mallow: widely considered the best player in the game—but with the worst attitude.

Trigger is on the fence about Graham. As a grizzly bear shifter, he’s relieved to have another ursine on the team, even if they are different species. The problem is Trigger is in the middle of his natural mating season, and Graham looks too damn good to pass up.

What begins as friends with benefits shows potential to grow into a deeper connection. If only they can put aside their differences, learn to trust, listen to their feelings, and realize it’s more than just a bear thing.

Dreamspiner Press ~ 192 Pages ~ Cover Designed by Reese Dante 

Purchase it at: Amazon / Dreamspinner Press / All Romance Ebooks 

This was my first time reading a book by Meadows, and I wasn’t disappointed. Graham and Trigger are interesting characters and this feels like a novel about their lives and not just them falling in love. It’s a sweet story, and their being shifters adds another dynamic to it. I will admit, I have a fondness for shifters and especially bear shifters. They’ve got some of the funniest personalities in my opinion. These two bears are no exception.

Do you need to like baseball or know the first thing about it to understand what’s going on? Nope. I don’t follow baseball and in fact have never seen a game, live or on the TV. It’s just not my thing. But I liked it here, and I didn’t have any problem understanding what was going on. So if you’re not a fan, don’t let it steer you away. And if you want to become a fan, this is a good introduction.

There’s plenty to laugh about throughout this story, and there’s times where you’re going to want to bang Graham and Trigger’s heads together to demand they stop being so stubborn, but it’s great. The supporting characters are lovely, the sex scenes are steamy, and both stubborn men come through for each other in unexpected ways. It manages to be a sweet read without being 192 pages of pure fluff at the same time.

4 Stars.


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