Brighton, England

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Brighton is home to an insanely gorgeous palace and an amazing sea life aquarium. It has a rich history, is one of the most LGBT friendly places in the country, and the beach is nothing but pebbles. If you walk further down the beach (away from the pier) you will end up on Brighton’s Nude Beach. I did not venture this far. The pier is packed with people, all trying to win arcade games. It’s a mini carnival, essentially. The aquarium is fantastic, and on one level you can find several giant sea turtles.


The Cliffs of Moher

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I went to Ireland at the beginning of May, and I took a tour to the Cliffs of Moher. This tour took me all along the coast and lasted the entire day. Ireland is absolutely gorgeous. It’s incredibly scenic. The Cliffs were amazing (and quite a walk). They go on and on, and there are paths to allow you to walk along them at a safe distance, though as you get further from the visitors area the fences dwindle, and you can get close to the edge of the cliffs. I definitely recommend checking out Moher if you’re planning a trip to Ireland.